Summary of features

In Atlantis Word Processor, the traditional word processing functions have been designed for maximum efficiency. But this is not all! Atlantis has many innovative and unique features that make word processing easier and more effective.

The word processing functions:

  • Document creation and formatting is easy, using a customizable and expandable collection of document templates and sample letters.
  • Comprehensive Style Sheet support is available for advanced users.
  • A customizable and expandable Clip Library is stocked with text and graphic items ready to be inserted in larger documents whenever suitable. The Atlantis original collections of clips include everyday phrases, letter writing elements, clip art, etc.
  • Of course, all the traditional font and paragraph formatting commands are present:
    • choice of typeface, font size, font color. A state of the art typeface preview.
    • bold, italic, underline, strikeout, double strikeout, superscript, subscript, small caps, all caps, shadow, outline, emboss, engrave.
    • choice of 17 underline styles; choice of underline color.
    • character spacing, scaling, kerning, vertical offset.
    • fully customizable tab stops.
    • paragraph borders & shading.
    • left/right paragraph indent, first line indent and outdent.
    • spacing before/after paragraph, 6 types of interline spacing.
    • keep with next paragraph, keep intact, page break before, widow/orphan control.
    • and plenty more, only a key press or mouse click away...
  • More than 20 fields are supported. The corresponding items are quickly inserted and automatically updated by Atlantis. Fields make document and template creation very flexible. What's more, we have made sure that fields are not restricted to advanced users: using fields in Atlantis is child's play!
  • Words can be hyphenated across lines automatically or manually.
  • You can create newspaper-type columns, divide documents into sections, each section with its own page settings.
  • You have two graphic-type formatting modes to change font color and highlight text. You will use specific mouse pointers to format text in the same way as you would with a paint brush.
  • Atlantis introduces a revolutionary approach to document formatting with a Format Palette and Brush. Even the most complex formatting jobs can be done exclusively with a brush-like mouse cursor and a palette loaded with formatting templates. You can use the Atlantis default palette or customize your own format palettes in any way you like.
  • The Format Palette is only one of the instruments present on the Atlantis Control Board. The Atlantis Control Board brings together all the tools and commands that are required to create both simple and complex documents with the greatest of ease. Each panel of the Atlantis Control Board is dedicated to one specific characteristic of the active document. You have separate overviews of the document Headings, Bookmarks, Sections, Styles, or Lists, with all the related commands directly available from each specific panel of the Control Board. Tools and commands to manage Headings are on hand on the "Headings" panel, tools and commands to manage Bookmarks are on hand on the "Bookmarks" panel. Etc. This gives you unequaled power and flexibility.
  • The AutoCorrect feature of Atlantis has fully customizable multilingual options, and will dramatically simplify your word processing life. It combines flexibility with power for unparalleled control over the typing and formatting of documents. Some of the Atlantis AutoCorrect functions are still unheard-of in today's top-end word processors. Texts are proofread in the background "As-You-Type", or, optionally, when typing is complete.
  • A multilingual spellchecker will help you create documents with perfect language. Spelling is checked "As-You-Type", or, again, optionally, when typing is complete. Original Atlantis Spellcheckers are available for 16 languages or dialects. And of course, you can create and augment as many custom dictionaries as you wish.
  • Power Type is a typing assist adding unique functionality to Atlantis. Working in close cooperation with our proprietary spellchecker engine, Power Type collects statistical information about the texts that you type, creating a smart database of the words that you use most, and also of their usual environment. When you start typing the same words again, Atlantis gives a warning sound, pops a small window up, and displays a list of words beginning with the same characters. But this is not all. The Atlantis Power Type has learning abilities. As time goes by, the Power Type database gets smarter, and you will notice that the typing suggestions are more and more appropriate. Of course, the Atlantis Power Type is invaluable for people with disabilities. But also for slow "one-finger" typists.
  • The Overused Words feature will help creative writers avoid repetitions and clichés if they want their texts to be read with any interest or pleasure. The Overused Words feature will show detailed statistics about repetitions and word frequency. This will tell you where words need to be replaced with synonyms, or whole paragraphs reworked.
  • To improve the reading and understanding of the documents you create in Atlantis, you can add bookmarks, hyperlinks, table of contents to them. Atlantis can build table of contents automatically at the press of a few keys.
  • All documents created in Atlantis can be "Saved As Web Page", i.e. saved as HTML. This will help owners of personal Web sites, and also e-book creators tremendously. Atlantis also has a command to convert any document to an eBook with just a few mouse clicks.
  • You will find comprehensive support for all types of lists, bulleted and numbered, whether simple (one level) or outline (multilevel). Where numbered lists are concerned, we have placed the highest emphasis on reliability. You will design foolproof numbering schemes from simplest to most complex with the greatest of ease. And, uniquely, you will be able to fix the wrong numbering of lists created in other not so smart word processors.
  • Headers and footers are fully supported. And so are footnotes and endnotes. You can insert footnotes and/or endnotes, choosing from a wide range of different reference marks. What's more, and quite uncommonly, you can configure footnotes and endnotes differently from one document section to the other.
  • Use tables in your documents to present text information and numerical data.

Documents are safe with Atlantis:

  • Against system lock-ups or crashes, Atlantis can automatically safeguard all open documents at regular intervals.
  • Atlantis can also create automatic and regular backups of all open documents. Successive versions of each document are saved to a special folder. In this way, you can always go back to earlier versions of your working documents.
  • You can create documents in a proprietary encrypted COD file format. Atlantis uses a very powerful 256-bit encryption algorithm. With Atlantis, your private documents are as safe as Fort Knox!

Document support is comprehensive:

  • Document size is literally unlimited.
  • Multiple document formats are supported, insuring maximum portability on all systems: RTF, MS Word DOC 6.0/95/97/2000/XP/2003, DOCX, ODT, etc.
  • Batch conversion.
  • Support for document projects.
  • Multiple graphic formats can be used to complement text:
  • You have an option to save documents in a supercompact lightweight RTF format. Combined with the Atlantis internal Zip compression, this option is ideal for files traveling on the Internet.

The interface is fully customizable:

  • Atlantis can be customized to suit your own needs and preferences: the menus, hot keys, and toolbars are fully customizable on a per-user basis. Each particular toolbar can be toggled on and off at will.
  • You can choose from a variety of proprietary Color Schemes to personalize the Atlantis GUI. You can even create your own Atlantis Color Schemes.
  • Original background Sound Schemes can be used, modified, or created anew.
  • You can have favorite fonts: Atlantis will automatically place them at the top of the font list. You can even choose to have a menu with your favorite fonts only.
  • Just as any other software, Atlantis will normally ask confirmation before going ahead and carry out important actions like saving files or deleting items. If you always click the same button (Yes, No, Ignore, etc) in such dialogs, you can save a custom default answer for each of them individually and de-activate the corresponding message dialog. Of course each of these confirmation messages can be re-activated on demand.
  • If you are a power user, you will take advantage of a whole array of command-line parameters to launch Atlantis with specific options.

Handling documents is easy:

  • Atlantis has a Multiple Document Interface (MDI). You can open as many documents as you want.
  • Navigation among open documents is quick and easy, using a Document Bar with name-tabs. With drag & drop, the name-tabs can even be reordered in any suitable way. And, just like the Windows Taskbar, the Atlantis Document Bar can be resized to accommodate multi-tier rows of document name-tabs.
  • A dual set of commands is available for each of the 4 toolbars: at the flick of a switch, you will alternate between the Atlantis Main and Alternative sets of toolbar commands.
  • Both a horizontal and a vertical ruler can be displayed with full state-of-the-art controls.
  • The wheel mouse advanced functions are fully supported.
  • You can use the Easy Hand "grabbing" mode of the cursor to navigate effortlessly up and down documents.
  • Using the Fast navigation tool of Atlantis, you can mark important locations of the currently open documents, then switch among those locations with a simple keyboard shortcut.
  • Scrolling up and down documents is done "live" and with great precision.
  • Most commands are available at the click of a button or at the press of a hot key.
  • A favorite working folder can be assigned to Atlantis.
  • Often used documents can be registered as "favorites" for quick and easy access.
  • You can specify which supported file types will automatically open in Atlantis following a double-click in Windows Explorer.
  • Atlantis has internal commands to compress and save as Zip the active document, or all open documents.
  • You can attach documents to a message directly from Atlantis, using the Send by Email command. You can send documents "AS IS", or as compressed ZIP files. The file zipping is done by Atlantis.
  • The printing options are those of a top-class word processor: printing range, reverse order, odd/even pages, number of copies, collate, scaling to paper size, two-sided printing on duplex and non-duplex printers, printing simple and compound booklets, economy mode with 1 to 16 pages per sheet. And two special Atlantis command-line switches to send documents directly to the printer without displaying any dialog.
  • Using the Atlantis Address Books, envelopes can be created for single or multiple addressees, attached to documents, and printed for private or bulk mail use.

Document viewing is very comfortable:

  • Print Layout and Draft view modes.
  • The Atlantis display is unflickering, and 100% WYSIWYG.
  • A "Full Screen" mode is available to maximize the working space.
  • You can choose from a whole array of zooming factors (including "Page width" and "Text width") to fine-tune the document onscreen display.
  • A "Magnifying Glass" tool is on hand for instant high/low magnification of a fragment of text.
  • The "Preview" mode gives you perfect control over the printed output.
  • The Spotlight mode creates a distraction-free environment by dimming out everything except the fragment of document you are working on.
  • Work on two parts of a document at the same time with the Split feature.

Document editing is most convenient:

  • Fragments of text are easily selected with keyboard or mouse.
  • Selections can be done in the traditional way by full lines or paragraphs. But you can also select multiple fragments of non-contiguous text. Or whole "column blocks", if suitable.
  • You can activate an option so that whole words are automatically selected by the mouse pointer.
  • Drag & Drop editing is fully supported: you can move or duplicate text to another location with a simple glide of the mouse pointer.
  • You can duplicate a selection, change its case pattern, or move it up or down with the cursor keys.
  • When you select text with the mouse or keyboard, Atlantis can automatically highlight other instances of the selected text in the document window.
  • Using a "Paste As Environment" special option, the clipboard contents can be pasted so that they blend in with the formatting found at the insertion point.
  • You can insert files, pictures with various text wrapping styles, drop caps, special symbols, the current date or time, addresses, etc. Addresses can be imported from CSV files, e.g. from MS Outlook Express.
  • The color count of inserted pictures can be reduced to minimize the document size.
  • Atlantis has a smart Cut & Paste feature with automatic management of blank spaces.
  • There is unlimited undo/redo, Group Undo, Undo After Save.
  • The "Find/Replace" dialog has a very useful "Find And Select All" option. When you have found and selected non-contiguous fragments of document in such a way, you can format them all at one go in any suitable way, or you can copy or move them.
  • Regular expressions can be used to find text that matches a given pattern and optionally replace those matches with new text. You can save searches that you intend to use repeatedly on different documents. You can also automate your search operations with the batch find & replace tool.
  • Paragraphs can be sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • Page numbering is fully supported.
  • You can easily get detailed statistics on a selection of text or on the whole document.
  • You can send selections of text directly to the printer.
  • You can save selected portions of document as RTF, DOC, DOCX, or COD files; pictures as graphic files.
  • You can store multiple clipboard items for later retrieval in a most practical Clippy Bank.
  • Items that you send to the Windows clipboard are stored by Atlantis, and are made available from a pull-down clipboard menu on the Atlantis toolbars.
  • Writing time & speed can be displayed on the status bar, and a writing target can be set for any document.
  • A "Calculate" function adds computational capability to traditional word processing.
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