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Power Type

Power Type is a typing assist and works in tight cooperation with the Atlantis spellcheckers. When enabled, Power Type collects statistical information about text that you type, creating a smart database of the words that you use most. When you start typing the same words again, a small window pops up, displaying a list of words beginning with the same characters:

The Atlantis Power Type has learning abilities. Power Type will collect information about the words that you type but also about their usual environment. In this way, it will identify the word sequences that you use most. As time goes by, the typing suggestions made by Power Type will prove more and more adequate.

Of course, these are only suggestions. If none of the suggestions match your intentions, all you have to do is carry on typing. The Power Type pop-up window will automatically vanish. On the other hand, if one of the suggestions matches your intentions, all you have to do to insert the desired word is to select it, then press Enter. Selection can be made either with the Up and Down arrow keys or with the mouse pointer.

The Power Type options can be adjusted in the Tools | Power Type... dialog:

If you want the Power Type to make suggestions as you type your documents, you need to check the Enable Power Type box in the above dialog.

Note. Power Type doesn't make suggestions when the Overwrite text entry mode is on.

You won't normally need to alter the list of words collected by Power Type. But you can help Power Type make ever more effective suggestions by adding entire collocations or phrases manually (the ones that you use most frequently, of course):

For this, type a desired collocation or phrase in the Typed words and phrases box, then click the Add button.

Leave the Collect words for Power Type box checked if you want to enable learning abilities of Power Type. This will allow Power Type to make better and more adequate suggestions with more collected information. Enabling this option will also help the spellchecker to suggest more adequate replacements for misspelt words.
If you do not want the Power Type to collect words that you type in your encrypted documents, check the Exclude password-protected documents box. You might wish to check this box if you share your computer with other users.

Finally, you can specify how long must be suggestions made by Power Type. For example, if you specify that the suggestions must be at least 5 characters longer than the typed word (the word that you are currently typing), Atlantis might suggest probability and problematic for the typed word pro but will never suggest shorter words like problem, proper, and protect. So by adjusting the value of the Suggestions must be longer than the typed word by at least X character(s) box, you can control how many suggestions and how often will be made by Atlantis. Specifying a lower value means more suggestions in more cases. Specifying a bigger number means less suggestions and only in cases when each of these suggestions will save you more keystrokes.

Note. The Power Type feature needs Spellcheck-As-You-Type (Tools | Options > Spellcheck) to be active. Disabling Spellcheck-As-You-Type will also disable Power Type.

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