Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my Atlantis Word Processor?

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Do you have versions of Atlantis Word Processor for Linux, BeOS, FreeBSD, MacOS, Android?

The base platform of Atlantis Word Processor is Microsoft Windows. No other platforms are yet supported. But Atlantis can be run on Linux with Wine.

Can I install Atlantis to a memory flash drive?

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A strange symbol appears at the end of each line of text in Atlantis. How do I get rid of it?

Every paragraph in Atlantis is terminated by a special symbol - the paragraph end mark. These symbols are not printed on paper. They are also invisible in Atlantis until you enable the View | Special Symbols mode. When this mode is on, paragraph end marks displays like a capital "P" letter reversed with two vertical strokes (the so-called "pilcrow" symbol):

If you want to make these symbols invisible in Atlantis, simply toggle the View | Special Symbols command off.

Atlantis converted all my Word files to Atlantis format. How can I restore them to the Word format?

Atlantis actually converted nothing. But one way or the other, during the install of Atlantis, or subsequently, you must have instructed Atlantis to associate itself with the RTF and/or DOC file extensions. Accordingly, Atlantis is now the default word processor for these file extensions on your system. This means that these document types are displaying with Atlantis icons in Windows Explorer, and double-clicking these documents launches Atlantis.

There are several ways to change this:

  • You can use the Tools | File Associations... command in Atlantis to dissociate Atlantis from the target file extension(s).
  • You can uninstall Atlantis, then reinstall, taking care during Setup not to instruct Atlantis to associate itself with the file extensions that you want associated with MS Word.
  • You can use the Tools | Folder Options... > File Types dialog of Windows Explorer to associate the desired file extensions with MS Word.

Atlantis automatically converts all initial lowercase letters of sentences into uppercase. How can this be stopped?

Uncheck the Capitalize first letter of sentences box in the Tools | AutoCorrect Options... dialog.

I want all new documents to be automatically created with a specific zoom. How can this be done?

Here is how to proceed:

  1. Choose the File | Templates... menu command in Atlantis, and open your default document template (by default, "Normal.rtf").
  2. Select the desired zoom through the Zoom toolbar combo box.
  3. Save your default template (press Ctrl+S or F2), and close it (press Ctrl+W).

From then on, all newly created documents will use the zoom specified within your default template.

In a similar way you can also change the default font or page settings for new documents. Just open your default template, and format its text or adjust its page settings appropriately.

I have lost my registration code. What do I do now?

Just send a message to Please include as much additional information as possible (your name, your original email, order ID, order date, etc).

If you have not found answer to your question above, you can send us your question by email, or post your question to the Atlantis Forum.

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