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Atlantis Word Processor is a "try-before-you-buy" product. You can install Atlantis Word Processor to your computer, and evaluate it for up to 30 days for free.

All trial copies of Atlantis Word Processor are fully-functional. No features are disabled. They all are available for you to evaluate for 30 days. But if you want to continue using Atlantis Word Processor beyond the 30-day evaluation period (starting with your first day of use), you will have to register your copy of Atlantis Word Processor.

Use the link below to download the Setup file of Atlantis Word Processor. Then run the downloaded file on your system. This will install a trial copy of Atlantis to your computer. If you already have a copy of Atlantis on your PC, this will upgrade or repair your Atlantis Word Processor.

Atlantis Word Processor Setup
Setup file of Atlantis Word Processor 4.3.5
Size: 3 MB. Released on Nov 22, 2023.
100% clean
Atlantis Word Processor contains no malware, and is safe to install. It is regularly tested by Microsoft Store, Softpedia, CNet Download, Fosshub, and other major download and security-related sites.

Atlantis sound schemes

The Atlantis setup installs the Atlantis Basic Sound Scheme with sounds for a small set of events (including typewriter sounds). But you can also download and install any of the custom sound schemes listed below:

Sound scheme icon  100 and 1 sounds (size: 0.5 MB)

Sound scheme icon  Wildlife (size: 1.8 MB)

To install any of these sound schemes, do the following:

  1. Download the zipped sound scheme to your hard drive and unpack it to the "My documents\Atlantis" folder on your computer.
  2. Launch Atlantis, then choose Tools | Customize | Sounds...
  3. Click the topmost Browse... button, then locate the newly unpacked sound scheme file (with ASN extension).

Sample documents & templates

Click here to browse our collection of sample documents and templates.

Free tools

tweak_epub  tweak_epub to make changes to existing eBooks in the EPUB format.

PDF  PDF Printers: CutePDF, PrimoPDF

See how to save Atlantis documents as PDFs.

WordWeb  WordWeb Thesaurus

See how WordWeb integrates with Atlantis.


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