Technical support

If you have technical questions or issues with Atlantis Word Processor, please first look in the Online Help. Most questions already submitted by users are answered in the Online Help.

If you have not found a solution to your problem in the help, you can post your question to the Atlantis Forum or Atlantis Facebook page. This method has the added advantage that all Atlantis users will benefit from your query.

Alternatively, send e-mail to our technical support team at

When sending a message, please always specify which is your operating system, which version of Atlantis you are using, and give detailed instructions to reproduce your problem.

If you send a question to us by email and never receive any reply, it is more than likely that our message will have been blocked by filtering software installed on your email server or on your own PC. The easiest solution in such cases is to post your question to the Atlantis Forum or Atlantis Facebook page.

Important! If you are using a securiy software on your system (antivirus, firewall, etc), please make sure that it does not block Atlantis Word Processor in any way. If Atlantis, for example, cannot access the Windows clipboard, or always opens document files as read-only, most probably Atlantis is denied full access to those resources by your security software. In such cases, you might need to whitelist the home folder and the main executable of Atlantis with your security software.

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