Useful links

Below you can find links to various free stuff linked to word processing in one or another way. They might help you design more appealing documents and make your work more comfortable.


Have you ever wished you could create more appealing documents?

Have you ever wished you could write letters with the "proper" style, with "proper" expressions and "proper" formatting?

Do you wish to become a successful writer?

Here are tutorials and resources to help you with all your word processing tasks:

Grammar Slammer

Abbreviations, punctuation, letter writing, common mistakes and choices, and more...

Creative Writing Resource Guide

"You don't have to be an aspiring author or an English major to be proficient at creative writing...."

Language is a Virus

Writing toys, games, and gizmo to inspire creativity. Writing exercises.

Free fonts

Below are links to the sites with free font downloads:

Iconian Fonts

Font Space

Most fonts available on the Internet are included in ZIP files for faster downloading. These ZIP files contain all the files required for a proper installation of the font on your computer. After downloading such a zip file, do the following:

  • unpack the contents of the font zip file to a temporary folder on your hard drive (for example, to My Documents),
  • click the Start button in the Windows taskbar, then choose the Settings | Control Panel... command,
  • double-click the Fonts icon,
  • choose the File | Install New Font... command,
  • direct the Add Fonts dialog to the folder where you have just unpacked the contents of the downloaded font zip file,
  • select the new font(s) you wish to install, and click OK to register your choice.

The newly installed font(s) will be immediately accessible by Atlantis and other applications (no Windows restart is necessary).

Free sounds

As you know, you can associate sounds with various events in Atlantis using the Tools | Sounds... menu command. But you might not have adequate sound effects on your PC. Here are links to sites where you'll find free sounds. Please remember that you need sounds in the WAV format exclusively.



Now to associate events in Atlantis with sound files, you must first place the sound files in the home folder of Atlantis (by default, in "C:\Program Files\Atlantis"). Then,

  • click Tools | Sounds... in Atlantis,
  • select an event in the Events box,
  • press the Browse... button under the Custom sound box and select the WAV file that you want to associate with the event,
  • OK out of the dialog.
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