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Portable fonts

You can create a portable copy of Atlantis Word Processor by installing it to a memory flash drive. Atlantis can then be launched from that flash drive on any PC equipped with Microsoft Windows. Your Atlantis favorite settings and document files travel with you on that memory stick.

Now some of the fonts used to format your documents might not be available on all PCs. To provide against such a mishap, these fonts can be added to your portable copy of Atlantis. Simply copy the desired font files to the home folder of Atlantis or to any of its subfolders on the flash drive. When launched from the flash drive, portable Atlantis will immediately install those fonts to the host system so that all your favorite fonts will be available in Atlantis on the host PC. Note that these fonts will automatically be uninstalled from the host system when you close Atlantis, leaving no trace whatsoever of your passage.

The easiest way to add your favorite font files to your portable copy of Atlantis is through the Fonts applet of the Windows Control Panel.

First, select the fonts that you want to include in the portable copy of Atlantis (hold the Ctrl key pressed to select multiple fonts):

Selecting fonts

After that, right-click the selected fonts, and choose the "Copy" command:

Copying fonts

Then open the home folder of Atlantis on the memory stick in the file manager, right-click the blank area in its main pane, and choose the "Paste" command:

Pasting fonts

The selected font files will be pasted to the home folder of Atlantis:

Fonts on a memory stick

If you want to copy many font files, it might be a good idea to create a separate font subfolder under the home folder of Atlantis, and paste all the font files to that subfolder:

The 'Fonts' subfolder

Note that you do not necessarily need to use the Windows Control Panel to obtain font files. If you have .ttf, .ttc, or .otf fonts stored anywhere on your PC, you can use the file manager to copy them to the home folder of your portable copy of Atlantis.

From then on, each time you run your portable copy of Atlantis, all the fonts available under its home folder or any of its subfolders will temporarily be installed to the host system, and will be available to Atlantis and other applications:

A portable font preview

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