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You can specify the various document templates to be used for the creation of new documents. Choose
New | Formats and Templates... in the File menu. Click here for details...

In this section you will find various productivity tips which will make your work in Atlantis Word Processor more effective and convenient. Use the power of Atlantis with maximum gain!

Optimizing backup files

Drop caps and quotation marks

Putting text inside floating pictures

Adjusting the page layout with floating pictures in headers

Using floating pictures to create page backgrounds

Creating decorative drop caps with floating pictures

Portable fonts

Creating multiple references to the same footnote or endnote

Deleting table cells or rows with keyboard

Searching for blank paragraphs

Adding columns to a table without changing its width

Formatting tables with Format Brush

Keeping table rows together on the same page

Changing hyperlink formatting

Text translation side by side using a table

How to exclude words from the spellchecker lexicons

Proofing tools and the "none" language

How to get the spellchecker suggestions from the keyboard

Hidden headers and footers

Copying hyperlinks

Resizing the Control Board and the Document Bar

Creating more compact document files

Deactivating all hyperlinks in a document

Atlantis as a handy image format convertor

Simulating parallel columns with the "Side by side" mode

Inserting characters not available directly through the keyboard

Applying styles with the Format Brush

Calculating a sum of numbers

Scrolling the preview box in the "Open Document" dialog

Accessing the list of bookmarks in a document

Accessing the main menu in Full Screen mode

Determining how many times a particular word or phrase is used in a document or a selection

Scrolling the document window with the mouse wheel

How to quickly create AutoCorrect entries to deal with the typing errors you often make

Two-page zoom (two pages side by side)

Setting precise values with rulers

Closing all documents except the current one

Folder Histories