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You can perform a number of familiar actions in Atlantis through the keyboard.
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Determining how many times a particular word or phrase is used in a document or a selection

Sometimes you might want to find out how many times a particular word is used in a document. You can use the Find/Replace dialog for this (CtrlF). In the "Find what" box, type the desired word or phrase. Also make sure that the "Whole words" box is checked:

Whole words only

Press the "Find & Select All" button:

Find and Select All

Atlantis will select all found instances in the document window and will display a message specifying how often the search word is used in the document:

Selected instances

In the same way you could find out how many particular phrases or even separate letters or punctuation signs have been used in the document.

Now you might want to restrict the count, hence the search to a specific portion of document. This is done by selecting the document portion before pressing CtrlF.

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