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Upgrading and repairing Atlantis

Upgrading Atlantis

Newer versions of Atlantis are often posted on our site. They always include new and improved features. Your version of Atlantis might not be up-to-date (the "Help | About..." menu command shows which version of Atlantis you have). We recommend keeping your version of Atlantis always up-to-date. Please check for updates on a regular basis. Note that by subscribing to our newsletter, you will always be kept informed about any new release of Atlantis.

To upgrade your version of Atlantis, you can either:

  • Open Atlantis and choose the "Help | Check for Updates..." menu command. Atlantis will contact its home site and tell you if any new version is available. If it is the case, the download and upgrade will be automatic. Simply follow onscreen instructions.
    Note that Atlantis should be allowed to exchange information with its home Web site. Your firewall should be configured accordingly.
  • Go to the Downloads page of our site, check if a newer version might not be available, and if so, download the setup of Atlantis. Launch the downloaded setup, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Repairing Atlantis

When you install Atlantis, you can choose not to install some of the Atlantis optional components. But you might want to install some or all of them at a later date. This is done by launching the Setup file of Atlantis (again) and checking the appropriate boxes on the Select Components page of the Setup. Note that you can always (re)download the Atlantis Setup file from the Downloads page of our site.

If you accidentally deleted or made undesirable changes to important files of Atlantis, you can also use the Setup file of Atlantis to reinstall missing or damaged components. Simply launch the Setup file of Atlantis, and check the appropriate boxes on the Select Components page of the Setup. Note that you might need to remove (delete) the corrupt files from your disk first. Use Windows Explorer or any alternative file manager.

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