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You can quickly convert any of your Atlantis documents to the HTML format. Use the File | Save Special | Save As Web Page... menu command.
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Migrating to a new PC

When you switch to a new or unfamiliar PC, most likely you won't feel at home until you can work with Atlantis again. You will want to install Atlantis on the new PC, and import your custom settings. Here is how to proceed:

  1. Connect a memory flash drive (or another removable drive) to your old computer.
  2. Launch Atlantis on your old computer if it is not running yet, and use the "Tools | Install to Removable Drive..." command of Atlantis to install to the removable drive.
  3. Disconnect your removable drive from the old PC.
  4. Connect your removable drive to the new PC.
  5. Launch Atlantis on the removable drive, and use the "Tools | Install to PC..." command of Atlantis to install to the host PC.

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