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You can quickly close all documents open in Atlantis except the current one if you hold the Ctrl key down and click the Close ALL documents button on the toolbar:
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Installing and uninstalling Atlantis


To install Atlantis on your PC, download the latest setup of Atlantis, launch the downloaded file, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Note that you can create a portable copy of Atlantis by installing on a memory flash drive.


To uninstall Atlantis from your computer, use the corresponding command of the Windows Control Panel. Depending on your Windows version, it can be called "Add/Remove Programs", "Programs and Features", or "Apps & features". The Atlantis Uninstall will remove all files and registry entries created by the Atlantis Install. But note that any document file that you might have created with Atlantis will not be deleted from your system.

To uninstall Atlantis from a memory flash drive, just remove the home folder of Atlantis from the drive with your file manager.

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