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How to quickly create AutoCorrect entries to deal with the typing errors you often make

When you type quickly, there are chances that you might mistype some words. It is easy to type an extra letter, or skip a letter, or swap adjacent letters. For example, you might type "appraoch" instead of "approach" simply because the "A" key is located much closer to the "R" key than the "O" key on the standard QWERTY keyboard.

If you often make the same typing errors, you can instruct Atlantis to fix such typos automatically. This is quickly done using the context menu that appears when you right-click a word that Atlantis reports as misspelt. Let's suppose that you have mistyped "approach" as "appraoch", and that you do it quite often. The Atlantis spellchecker will invariably red-underline "appraoch":

A typo

Instead of correcting this manually each time, you can instruct Atlantis to fix this typo automatically for you. This is done by right-clicking the red-underlined word, and by choosing the correct spelling from the "Add to AutoCorrect" submenu:

Adding a typo to AutoCorrect

Now the required spelling might not be immediately available in this submenu. In such cases, you have to use the "More..." command. This will display the "AutoCorrect Options" dialog with the wrong spelling automatically displaying on the left in the "Replace" box. Type the correct spelling replacement on the right in the "With" box, click the "Add" button, then OK out of the dialog:

The 'AutoCorrect Options' dialog

Whenever you make the same typo again, it will automatically be corrected by Atlantis provided "Autocorrect as you type" is activated in the above dialog.

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