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Atlantis contains a set of word processing tools under the AutoCorrect function.

As you are well aware, we all make typical typing mistakes. In so far as these mistakes are recurrent, they can be anticipated and automatically corrected. This is the first job of the Atlantis AutoCorrect feature.

We also perform typical operations routinely. These can also be programmed in advance and performed automatically with minimal intervention on your part. This is the second job of the Atlantis AutoCorrect feature.

Finally we all have particular formatting habits which we like to find in every one of our documents. This kind of habitual formatting can also be automatically applied to a document. This is the third job of the Atlantis AutoCorrect feature.

To customize the AutoCorrect settings to your liking, choose the Tools | AutoCorrect Options... menu The main menu or simply menu is a horizontal bar with clickable commands anchored to the top of the main window of Atlantis:

Main menu

Note that the Atlantis AutoCorrect is a multilingual feature. It uses different settings according to different languages and will work differently on texts bearing different language marks.
On the AutoCorrect Options window the title includes the name of the language of the selected text (if any) or of the active document.

The English version of Atlantis initially includes the AutoCorrect resources for the English, French, German, and Spanish languages. But you can customize the Atlantis AutoCorrect settings to work with nearly any language.

The Atlantis AutoCorrect function can work with you in the background "As-You-Type". For this you should enable the Autocorrect as you type box of the AutoCorrect Options window.

But AutoCorrect can also be launched as a proofreading tool when typing is complete. To proofread already typed paragraphs or whole documents, make your selection, then click the Button image toolbar button.


  • The current "As-You-Type" Auto Correction made by Atlantis can always be undone by pressing CtrlZ or clicking the corresponding Button image toolbar button.

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