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This article refers to features that are unavailable in the Lite version of Atlantis Word Processor.


Most commands and features of Atlantis can be accessed through its toolbars:


Each of the toolbars includes commands belonging to a specific category.

The toolbars shown on the illustration below are permanently available in the Atlantis window:

Permanent toolbars

In addition to these standard toolbars, Atlantis also displays context-sensitive toolbars in accordance with current document selection and other factors. For instance, a click within a table in the document window automatically brings up the Table toolbar next to the standard toolbars:

Context toolbar

Atlantis has many context toolbars dedicated to specific document features such as tables, headers/footers, footnotes/endnotes, hyperlinks, pictures, document projects, etc.

Each toolbar can include buttons with small graphic images (for example, Button image Button image Button image) and combo boxes which look like this:

Toolbar combo box

Clicking tolbar buttons executes the associated command. In case with combo boxes, you will normally use them by choosing an item from the drop-down list attached to each combo box.

Many toolbar buttons have a drop-down menu attached. If a button has a drop-down menu, a small "down arrow" button is displayed to the right of this tolbar button. By clicking these small buttons, you can open the corresponding menus. These drop-down menus include additional related commands. For example, the drop-down menu of the Save document as... Button image toolbar button includes the following related commands:

Toolbar drop-down menu

Most commands of the toolbars are one-click-away, and hovering over a toolbar gives you instant access to more commands in the same category:

Toolbar fly-out

Hovering over a toolbar button for a few seconds displays an advanced tooltip telling you what the command does, why a given command is currently unavailable, and occasionally referring you to additional information in the Atlantis Help:

Toolbar advanced tooltip

Toolbar view options

If you need more space for document contents, you can permanently hide the toolbars by clicking the "View | Toolbars | Hide" menu command. If you click the "View | Toolbars | Autohide" menu command, the toolbars will display over the other UI elements and the document contents only when you hover the mouse over the area close to the main menu and the title bar of the Atlantis window:

Toolbar autohide
Toolbar autohide

The default location for the toolbars is at the top of the Atlantis window, right below the main menu. But you can have vertically aligned (left or right) toolbars in Atlantis:

Vertically aligned (left) toolbars
Vertically aligned (right) toolbars

Vertically aligned toolbars will be useful on systems with wide screen displays providing you with more space for document contents.

To enable vertically aligned toolbars, use the corresponding commands of the "View | Toolbars | Position" menu:

Enabling vertically aligned toolbars

Watch a video: Vertical toolbars in Atlantis Word Processor   Vertical toolbars in Atlantis Word Processor

Customizing toolbars

To customize the toolbars, choose the "Tools | Customize | Toolbars..." menu command, or right-click the toolbars and choose the "Customize..." command from the popup menu. This would open the "Customize Toolbars" dialog:

The 'Customize toolbars' dialog

where you can toggle individual toolbars on or off, resize toolbars, change the commands displayed on each individual toolbar, customize the background color of toolbars, button size and spacing, and other options.

To resize a combo box, grab & drag its right border:

Resizing combo box

By design, each toolbar can only host commands from its own category of commands. For example, only commands from the "File" category can be placed onto the "File" toolbar.

However, there are 3 special toolbars which can host any commands from all categories of commands. These three "Custom 1", "Custom 2", and "Custom 3" toolbars are off by default:

Custom toolbars

But if you enable them, you can put commands from any category on them. Here is an example with toolbar "Custom 1" enabled:

Custom toolbars

All kind of toolbar customization are possible with these custom toolbars. You can even replicate the classic toolbar layout of older versions of Atlantis if you prefer it over the default toolbar design of the latest versions Atlantis:

Old toolbars

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