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You will use the Atlantis Thesaurus command to find synonyms, antonyms, or definitions for words from the current document. This command will only be available after you have installed the WordWeb thesaurus on your PC. You will find a related link in the "Free Tools" section of the Atlantis Downloads page.

When WordWeb is installed on your PC, a "Thesaurus" command will be included in the right-click context menu in the Atlantis document window:

As shown on the above screen capture, the "Thesaurus" command can also be launched with the corresponding ShiftF7 hot key.

If you use the "Thesaurus" command when there is no selection in the Atlantis document window, you will bring up the WordWeb entry for the current word (the word closest to the caret position). If you want to look up a whole phrase, you should select it before using the "Thesaurus" command.

When you use the "Thesaurus" command, the WordWeb dialog pops up, with the currrent document word or phrase showing in its topmost "Lookup" box ("information" in the following example):

Note that in such cases the WordWeb dialog also includes a "Replace" button. When you have selected a replacement for the document word or phrase in the "WordWeb" "Synonyms" area, you can press this "Replace" button to automatically replace the current document word or phrase with the word or phrase selected in WordWeb:


If you use the Atlantis "Thesaurus" command when there is no current word or phrase in the document window (for example, when the active document is blank), the WordWeb dialog will not show any "Replace" button. It will include a "Copy" button instead:

In such cases, the look-up word has to be typed manually in the WordWeb "Lookup" box. You can then press Enter, or click the "Search" button:

When you have chosen a synonym or antonym for the lookup word, you can press the "Copy" button. This will place the synonym or antonym onto the Windows clipboard. It can then be pasted back into the Atlantis document window. It will automatically be pasted into the Clippy Bank if you have activated the Atlantis "Clippy Bank collects clipboard data" function.

For more information on the WordWeb features, please refer to its Help system.

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