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Atlantis as a handy image format convertor

You can add pictures to your Atlantis documents under a whole variety of formats simply by using the Atlantis Insert | Picture... command.

You can also extract any picture from an Atlantis document and save it to a graphic file on your hard drive or on any other storage media.

But this is not the whole story... Atlantis gives you a wide choice of possible graphic formats for the target picture and so will act as a handy Image Format Convertor.

Only give a right mouse click on a source picture, then choose the Picture | Save As... command in the menu:

Save picture as

The Save Picture As... dialog window pops up:

Save picture as

Choose a name and a storage location for your target picture, then a graphic format. Your picture will be automatically converted and saved to the selected format.

This is the way Atlantis can be used as a handy image convertor. Suppose you have a large BMP picture and want to post it on your own Web site or send it by email. The graphic abilities of Atlantis will allow you to convert that large BMP picture to a lighter, more compact graphic format such as the Internet-orientated GIF format. Simply open a new document in Atlantis, then use the Insert | Picture... command to insert the picture from its storage location on your hard drive. Alternatively you may have copied a picture to the clipboard or placed a screen capture there by pressing the Print Screen key. Use the Edit | Paste command to insert the picture stored in the clipboard. The newly inserted picture can now easily be converted by giving a right mouse click on it, choosing the Save Picture As... command, then the CompuServe GIF Images (*.gif) file type. You will get a very compact GIF file which can be posted on your Web site, or sent by email, or used in any other way.

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