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Creating decorative drop caps with floating pictures

As you probably know, drop caps are often used at the beginning of a book chapter to grab readers attention. Drop caps can be simple initial letters formatted in a larger font size, or beautiful artwork, like the one below:

Decorative drop cap

If you would like to use graphical drop caps in your documents, you can find many on the Web, both free and paid. Or you can create them yourself with corresponding graphic tools.

If you have a decorative drop cap as a graphic file on your disk, here is how you can add it to a document in Atlantis:

  1. Click in the document where you want to insert a drop cap:
    Click document location
  2. Press the Del key to delete the initial letter in the document that should be replaced with a picture (in our case, the "A" letter of "Alice").
  3. If the drop cap image is available on the Windows clipboard, just press CtrlV to paste. If the drop cap image is stored on a disk as a graphic file, use the "Picture..." command of the "Insert" menu The main menu or simply menu is a horizontal bar with clickable commands anchored to the top of the main window of Atlantis:

    Main menu
    , or the corresponding button Button image of the Insert toolbar The 'Insert' toolbar toolbar to insert your graphic file.
  4. Click the inserted image to select it:
    Selected picture
  5. Click the "Picture layout" Button image button of the "Picture" context toolbar, and choose "Square" as a text wrapping style:
    'Square' wrapping style
    Picture with the 'Square' wrapping style
  6. Finally, resize and reposition the image with the mouse in the desired way:
    Decorative drop cap

There are more things you can do with a graphical drop cap.

  • You can move the drop cap image in the page's left margin:
    Outdented drop cap
  • You can create an indented drop cap. Just move it with the mouse to the right, then double-click it, and chose to wrap text on the right side only:
    Wrap text 'right only'
    Indented drop cap
  • You can control the distance between the drop cap image and the text. To do so, double-click the image, and adjust the corresponding items in the dialog:
    Distance from text

You can download the sample document file used in this article by clicking here.

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