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Adjusting the page layout with floating pictures in headers

In the Atlantis Word Processor documents, headers and footers are a special layer of content located behind the document's main layer. When the content of the two layers overlap, the latter always prevails (i.e. the document's main content displays over the header's content).

Since the headers are always "behind", they can be used to add various backgrounds to the document pages. But that is not the only way to affect the document's main area with headers. Floating pictures in headers can also be used to adjust the content flow in the document's main layer. When a header contains a picture with the "Square", "Tight" or "Through" text wrapping style, and that picture is overlapped by the document's main area, the document main text would respect the wrapping style of the header's picture (i.e. would flow around it).

Let's take an example:

  1. Let's start with a simple document formatted in two newspaper columns containing a novel excerpt:
    Two-column document
  2. Then click the "Header & Footer" button of the View toolbar The 'View' toolbar to open the document's header for editing:
    The 'Header and Footer' button
  3. Insert a picture with white background to the header. If the picture is stored on the clipboard, you can simply press CtrlV. Otherwise use the "Insert picture" command of the Insert toolbar The 'Insert' toolbar :
    The 'Insert picture' button
  4. Click the inserted picture to select it:
    Selected picture
  5. Click the "Page layout" button of the "Picture" context toolbar:
    The 'Page layout' button
    and choose the "Tight" wrapping style:
    The 'Tight' wrapping style
  6. Double-click the picture to open the "Picture" dialog, and apply the centered horizontal alignment on the "Position" tab:
    Applying horizontal alignment
  7. Double-click the document main area to finish editing the header. Now the header's picture displays on each page of the document, and the novel text flows around it:
    Completed document

Below you can download the related sample document files:

The 'Skull and bones' sample document
Skull and bones.docx
The 'Sculptures' sample document

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