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When the current paragraph is formatted with bullets, you can start a new paragraph not formatted with bullets if you place the cursor at the end of the current paragraph, and press Enter twice.
Resizing the Control Board and the Document Bar

The Atlantis Control Board The Control Board is a component of the Atlantis GUI that brings together various tools and commands for document design. It is a set of panels each of which deals with one specific characteristic of the active document:

Control Board

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can be resized with the mouse if you

  • place the mouse pointer over its right-hand edge,
  • wait till the mouse pointer turns into a double-arrow,
  • press and hold the mouse left button,
  • drag the mouse pointer horizontally,
  • release the mouse button when the desired width is achieved (or press the Esc key to cancel resizing).
Resizing Document Bar

The Atlantis Document Bar can be resized in the same way by capturing the edge which is closer to the document window.

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