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This article refers to features that are unavailable in the Lite version of Atlantis Word Processor.

The Control Board is a component of the Atlantis GUI that brings together various tools and commands for document design. It is a set of panels each of which deals with one specific characteristic of the active document.

You can show/hide the Control Board in multiple ways: using the "View | Control Board | Show" menu command, the corresponding hot key (F6), or the Button image toolbar button. You can also hide the Control Board by clicking its the cross button in the right top corner of the Control Board:

The Control Board's Close button

To open the menu with the Control Board settings, click the corresponding button in the top right corner of the Control Board:

The Control Board's Settings button

Through this menu, you can choose position of the Control Board in the Atlantis main window. The Control Board can be docked either to the left edge of the Atlantis main window:

Left-aligned Control Board

or to the right edge:

Right-aligned Control Board

You can change the Control Board width by grabbing its right or left edge (depending on to which edge of the main window the Control Board is docked) with the mouse and dragging until you get the desired size.

Through the settings menu, you can show/hide individual panels of the Control Board:

Show/hide Control Board panels

When the Mouse Hover Previews option is checked in the settings menu:

Mouse Hover Previews

the panels of the Control Board may display previews in the document window when you hover the mouse pointer over certain items of those panels. For example, hovering the mouse over a chapter heading in the Headings panel temporarily highlights the corresponding chapter heading in the document window:

The Headings panel previews

For the information on previews that may be displayed by individual panels of the Control Board, read the articles dedicated to the corresponding panels (follow the links below).

To activate individual panels of the Control Board, use the toolbar at the top of the Control Board:

Control board toolbar

Each Control Board panel has its own toolbar with a specific set of commands. These dedicated toolbars are located at the bottom of each panel.

Follow the links below to read about individual panels of the Control Board:

  Button image Headings

  Button image Bookmarks

  Button image Index

  Button image Sections

  Button image Styles

  Button image Lists

  Button image Reveal Formatting

  Button image Selection

  Button image Format Palette

  Button image Clip Library


  • You can change the background color of the Control Board by changing the background color of toolbars through the "Tools | Customize | Toolbars..." menu command.

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