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TipAtlantis can create automatic and regular backups of all open documents. Successive versions of each document are saved to a special folder. In this way, you can always go back to earlier versions of any document if necessary. Click for details...
The Find/Replace panel of the Control Board

The Find/Replace panel displays with a click on the corresponding button Button image at the top of the Control Board The Control Board is a component of the Atlantis GUI that brings together various tools and commands for document design. It is a set of panels each of which deals with one specific characteristic of the active document:

Control Board

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This panel can be used to search the active document or all open documents for text or formatting, review the results, and optionally replace them with new text or format them:

The Find/Replace panel of the Control Board

To specify which documents to search, click the corresponding drop-down box at the top of the panel. You can search the active document, multiple documents selected on the Document Bar, or all open documents:

The search scope

Clicking the button at the top right-hand corner of the panel displays a menu with the search options:

The search options menu

The saved searches allow you to store a collection of search patterns so that you can perform the same searches later without re-entering them.

When the Use Instead of "Find/Replace" Dialog option is checked, Atlantis, when possible, offers the "Find/Replace" panel for various search operations instead of the traditional "Find/Replace" dialog. For example, when this option is checked, pressing CtrlF will open the "Find/Replace" panel, not the "Find/Replace" dialog. If you uncheck this option, the "Find/Replace" dialog will be your main tool for search operations. If you keep the "Find/Replace" panel as the main search tool, you can still open the "Find/Replace" dialog by clicking the Open "Find/Replace" Dialog item of the menu.

For the description of the Whole Words, Exact Match, and Use Wildcards options, please click here.

As soon as you specify text in the Find what box of the panel, it starts searching the target document(s) for the specified text. Found items, if any, get reported through the Results box:

Reporting search results

Found instances also get highlighted in the document window:

Highlighting found items

You can select individual instances of found text in the document window by clicking them in the Results box. To select all the found items in the document window, click Select All at the bottom of the panel.

When the Mouse Hover Previews option is checked in the settings menu of the Control Board:

Mouse Hover Previews

hovering the mouse over the results in the panel temporarily highlights them in the document window:

The 'Find/Replace' panel previews

To access additional search-related features of the panel, click the More button:

The 'More' button

You could then search for formatting, replace found text, or change its formatting:

More search options

To insert various special symbols to the Find what or Replace with boxes, use the corresponding Add special symbol buttons:

The 'Add special symbol' buttons

To replace individual found items, click the corresponding Replace buttons within the Results box:

The 'Replace' button

To replace all found items, use the Replace All button at the bottom of the panel.


  • After typing the text to search for, you can press Enter to add it to the search history. To retrieve items from the search history, click the "down arrow" button attached to the Find what box:

    Search history

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