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Optimizing backup files

The Backup Files is a great feature that can help you feel safer when working on important documents. It automatically creates regular backups of your document files so that you can always go back to earlier versions of any document.

But having too many backup copies of documents can clutter your disk space and significantly slow down Atlantis. So it is a good idea to keep the number of backup files reasonable, as well as regularly revise the Backup Files settings.

Here are a few simple steps you can follow to make sure that the Backup Files tool has not turned into a drag on the program's performance:

So, open the "Backup Files" settings dialog. To do so, choose the "Tools | Options..." menu command, then click the "Backup Files..." button on the "Load/Save" tab:

The 'Backup Files' dialog

The most effective way to control the amount of backup files is the "Automatically remove backup files older than NN days" option. In most cases, the backup files do not need to be kept forever. If it is your case, enable this option, and specify how many days is too much:

The 'Automatically remove backup files older than NN days' option

Another way to have fewer backups is by choosing a larger interval between backups and a lower maximum number of backups per document:

Additional options

Instead of allowing Atlantis to automatically remove old backup files, you can manually delete the backup files you do not need. Just click the "Delete Backup Files..." button in the "Backup Files" dialog:

Delete backup files

then check the documents whose backup files you do not need anymore, and click "Delete"

The 'Delete backup files' dialog

Note that you can always move the entire backup folder of Atlantis to a new location (including to a different disk with more free space) by clicking the "Browse..." button next to the "Backup folder" box in the "Backup Files" dialog:

Moving the backup folder

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