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Copying hyperlinks

Components of a hyperlink

Hyperlinks have two main components, the target URL (Internet address), and the text actually displayed for the hyperlink, which might be different from the underlying URL itself. A raw hyperlink will look in this way:

But a hyperlink to the same URL might hide under a popular alias:

Home site of Atlantis Word Processor

In such cases, only the hyperlink alias is displayed directly in the document. The underlying URL is hidden, even though it remains the active part of the hyperlink.

Placing a copy of a hyperlink onto the Windows clipboard

Right-clicking a hyperlink in Atlantis brings up contextual menu commands:

Right-clicking a hyperlink

The Copy command places the selected hyperlink onto the Windows clipboard.

Pasting a clone of the original hyperlink

You can then paste a clone of the original hyperlink anywhere suitable with CtrlV. In this case, the new hyperlink will have the same URL and text as that of the original hyperlink. For example, if the original hyperlink is associated with the URL "", and displays "Home site of Atlantis Word Processor", the newly pasted hyperlink will also be associated with the URL "", and will also read as "Home site of Atlantis Word Processor".

Pasting only the raw URL

At times you might want to retain only the raw URL associated with the copied hyperlink. This is achieved with the Paste as environment command (default hot key: CtrlAltIns). So to copy/paste the raw URL from a hyperlink,

  • right-click the original hyperlink,
  • choose Hyperlink | Copy from the menu,
  • click in the document window where you want to paste the URL,
  • press CtrlAltIns to Paste (the clipboard contents) as environment (or use the corresponding toolbar button).

Creating a list of all the URLs found in a selection

Finally, you might want to create a list of all the URLs found in a whole document, or in a given fragment.

  • Select the whole document (press CtrlA), or a more limited fragment of text with the mouse,
  • right-click any hyperlink within the selection,
  • choose Hyperlinks | Copy from the menu,
  • click in the document window where you want to paste the URLs,
  • press CtrlAltIns.

All the URLs present in the original selection will be listed.

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