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Adding columns to a table without changing its width

By default, when you add new columns to a table, this does not affect the width of existing columns. The table's width is instead increased by the width of added columns:

Adding table column
New table column added

But if retaining the current table's width is important, you can add new columns without increasing the table's width. Of course, in order to achieve this, the width of some of the existing columns needs to be decreased in order to provide space for a new column. So you have to tell Atlantis which columns to narrow before adding a new column. You can do so by selecting those columns before adding a new column.

For example, let's suppose that we need to add a new column to the table below, and the "Activities" and "Person in Charge" columns are the ones to provide space for a new column:

Source table

So you should first select the "Activities" and "Person in Charge" columns:

2 columns selected

Then click above the vertical border where a new column should be inserted:

Adding table column

As a result, the space for a new column would be taken from the "Activities" and "Person in Charge" columns. The other existing columns would not be affected, and the table's width would remain unchanged:

New table column added

You can select any combination of existing columns that should provide space for a new column.

You can select a single column:

1 column selected

You can select a noncontinuous group of columns:

Noncontinuous group of columns selected

You can even select entire table:

Entire table selected

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