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Ctrl+] grows the font size of a selection by one point.
Changing hyperlink formatting

Hyperlinks in documents are normally formatted differently from regular text. They are often displayed in blue color with underline. But you can format hyperlinks in any other way.

1. To change the formatting of all hyperlinks in a document, press CtrlA or click the "Select all" button of the Edit toolbar The 'Edit' toolbar :

The 'Select all' toolbar button

To change the formatting of hyperlinks in a single fragment alone, select the fragment of document first.

If the selection includes hyperlinks, Atlantis automatically brings up the "Hyperlink" context toolbar. The toolbar name itself is followed by the number of hyperlinks found in the current selection:

The 'Hyperlink' toolbar

2. Click the "Select hyperlink" button on the "Hyperlink" toolbar:

The 'Select hyperlink' toolbar button

3. Use the commands on the "Font" toolbar to change the formatting of the selected hyperlinks:

The 'Font' toolbar

Note that you can change the default formatting for hyperlinks on the "Edit" tab of the "Tools | Options..." dialog:

The default formatting for hyperlinks

The default formatting for hyperlinks is used by Atlantis when you create new hyperlinks in documents.

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