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How to exclude words from the spellchecker lexicons

As you know, you can use the Atlantis spellchecker context menu to add a new word to your custom dictionary. This is what the "Add to Dictionary" command is for:

Add to dictionary

But at times you might want to do just the opposite, i.e. remove words from the Atlantis lexicons.

Let's take an example.

Let's suppose that from time to time you mistype "fair" as "fir" or "friar". In such cases, the Atlantis spellchecker won't report any potential misspelling because the original English spellcheck lexicons of Atlantis naturally include both "fir" and "friar".

Naturally, you will want Atlantis to guard you against such typos. All you have to do is to remove the potential mistypes from the Atlantis spellchecker lexicons. In our example, you'd need to remove both "fir" and "friar" from the lexicons so that they are reported as potential misspellings whenever Atlantis finds them in a document.

Here is how to proceed to remove words from the Atlantis spellchecker lexicons.

A. The words have been added as part of the current custom dictionary:

Simply right-click any word red-underlined by the spellchecker, and choose "Edit Dictionary..." from the context menu:

Edit dictionary

Select the "offending" word from the custom dictionary list, and press the "Delete" button.

B. The words are part of the original Atlantis lexicons:

As you know, the main lexicons of Atlantis cannot be edited. But there is still a workaround. Atlantis will report as potentially misspelt words from its main lexicons if these words are also present in your custom dictionaries with a "-" (minus) sign in front.

So here is how to "exclude" any word from the main lexicons of Atlantis:

  1. Right-click any red-underlined word in a document, and choose "Edit Dictionary..." from the context menu. This will display the dialog to edit your current custom dictionary:
    Edit dictionary
  2. Type in the word to be excluded ("-fir" in our example), and press the "Add" button:
    Edit dictionary
    "friar" can be excluded in the same way. Just type "-friar" in the edit box, and click "Add":
    Edit dictionary
  3. OK out of the dictionary dialog.

From then on, Atlantis will red-underline "fir" and "friar" in your documents. You'll be able to make sure that they are not typos.

Similarly if you often mistype "about" as "abut" or "public" as "pubic", you could add "-abut" or "-pubic" (note the minus sign) to your custom dictionary.

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