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Text translation side by side using a table

Here is how document text can be translated using a table with the source and translated paragraphs displaying side by side:

1. Open the document that should be translated:

Open document

2. If the document's page orientation is Portrait, click the "Change page orientation" button of the File toolbar The 'File' toolbar :

The 'Change page orientation' toolbar button
Landscape orientation

3. Press CtrlA, or click the "Select all" button of the Edit toolbar The 'Edit' toolbar :

The 'Select all' toolbar button

4. Click the "Insert table" button of the Insert toolbar The 'Insert' toolbar :

The 'Insert table' toolbar button

and convert the selection into a table:

Convert text to table
Text converted to table

5. Add a new column to the table:

Adding new tabl column
New table column

6. Click the "Default Language..." command from the menu attached to the "Language" button of the Tools toolbar The 'Tools' toolbar :

The 'Default language' menu command

and choose the language into which the source text should be translated:

The 'Default language' dialog

7. Start adding translated text to the second column:

Adding translated text

8. After completing translation, select the first column – hover the mouse pointer over its top edge, and click:

Selecting table column
Selecting table column

9. Press the Backspace key, or click the "Delete cells" button of the "Table" toolbar to delete the first column:

The 'Delete cells' toolbar button
Table column deleted

10. Click the "Convert table to text" button of the "Table" toolbar to remove table formatting:

The 'Convert table to text' toolbar button
The 'Convert table to text' dialog
Table formatting removed

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