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You can reorder the structure of the active document using Drag & Drop in the Headings panel of the Atlantis Control Board. Dragging the panel items up or down automatically moves the corresponding headings and their associated text up or down the document itself. Dragging in a horizontal direction promotes or demotes the corresponding heading(s) in the active document.
Scrolling the document window with the mouse wheel

As you know, you can use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down documents. The wheel scrolling options are adjusted in the "Mouse properties" dialog of the Windows Control Panel:

The 'Mouse properties' dialog

But Atlantis offers a few additional ways to scroll documents with the mouse wheel:

  • If you hold the Shift key pressed as you scroll a document, it will scroll by entire screens (or by one page up or down).
  • The wheel of most mice can be not only be scrolled up or down but it can also be pressed as any ordinary button. If your mouse wheel can be pressed, depressing it will allow you to scroll the document in any direction (including horizontal and diagonal). As you hold the wheel (or middle button) down, a special pointer will appear in the document window:
    Wheel scrolling
    Keep the wheel (or middle button) down, and move the mouse to specify a scrolling direction and speed. Release the wheel or middle button to stop scrolling.

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