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Deactivating all hyperlinks in a document

By their very nature, hyperlinks that you create in Atlantis are clickable. Clicking a hyperlink takes you to the target bookmark, document, or Web page.

Note that you need to keep the Ctrl key down at the same time as you click the mouse button if Use Ctrl+Click to follow hyperlink is checked on the Atlantis Edit tab in the Tools | Options... dialog.

Now in some cases you might want the hyperlinks not to be clickable, that is to be included only as ordinary text in a document (as plain "non-blue non-underlined" text). In such cases, you need to deactivate all the document hyperlinks. This is easily done in Atlantis. Here is how to proceed:

  1. Select the whole document (press CtrlA).
  2. Place the mouse pointer over any of the hyperlinks within the selection:
    Deactivating  hyperlinks
  3. Right-click to display the context menu, and choose the Hyperlinks | Deactivate command:
    Deactivating  hyperlinks
    Atlantis will automatically convert all the hyperlinks to plain non-clickable text.

Note that some hyperlinks display a different text from that of the target Web page. For example, a hyperlink to the Atlantis Web site can be created in two different ways, depending on the choice of string to display, plain Web URL, or special text string:

If you deactivate the second type of hyperlink directly, you will get "Atlantis" as the resulting plain text. This will generally be undesirable. If you want the target URL to display as the result of the deactivation ("" in our example), you need to run the Hyperlinks | Convert To URL command from the right-click menu first.

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