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A bookmark is a named location or text fragment in your document. Bookmarks are used for reference and navigation purposes.

You could use bookmarks for quick navigation between different locations of your document. Also bookmarks can be referred by hyperlinks and tables of contents.

When the Special symbols mode is on (press Ctrl+Shift+8 or click the Button image toolbar button to toggle this mode), bookmarks are displayed in this way:

Bookmark delimiters


To insert a new bookmark, press Shift+Alt+B or click the Button image button of the Bookmarks panel of the Control Board. If you would like to associate a new bookmark with a text fragment, select that fragment before creating the bookmark. Otherwise simply click the desired location.


There are multiple ways to navigate among the bookmarked document locations:

  1. Use the Bookmarks panel of the Control Board. Just double-click the desired bookmark name displayed in the Bookmarks panel to be brought to the corresponding location in your document.
  2. Right-click the leftmost section of the Atlantis Status Bar, and choose the desired bookmark from the list:
    Bookmark menu
    Note that individual bookmarks are quickly displayed in the bookmark list by typing the first characters of their name.
  3. Press Ctrl+\ (NUMPAD) or Ctrl+* (NUMPAD) hot keys.

Other bookmark-related commands are available from the Bookmarks panel of the Control Board. There you could remove and rename bookmarks, change the sorting order of bookmarks in various bookmark lists. Through the Bookmarks panel you can also format the current document selection as hyperlink to the required bookmark. Clicking such a hyperlink automatically brings you to the corresponding bookmarked location in your document.

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