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You can use different measurement units in Atlantis.
To choose a measurement system, go to
Tools | Options..., then click the General tab.
Keeping table rows together on the same page

Sometimes it is important to make sure that two consecutive table rows will display on the same document page.

For this, you need to instruct Atlantis to display the first of these two table rows on the same page as the next table row:

1. Select the table row that should be kept together with the table row immediately following it. To select a table row, place the mouse cursor to the left of the row, and click the left mouse button:

Selecting a table row

2. Click the "Keep with next paragraph" button on the "Paragraph" toolbar:

The 'Keep with next paragraph' toolbar button
Keeping two table rows together

If you apply "Keep with next paragraph" to a selection of several consecutive table rows, Atlantis will keep them on the same page, along with the table row that follows them.

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