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Securing Documents

In Atlantis you can encrypt any of your documents.

What is encryption? Encryption takes place when you scramble a document with a password and only people with the correct password can open that document, nobody else.

Encryption in Atlantis is very secure. Atlantis uses 256-bit keys. Hackers would require billions and billions of years with all the computers of the world to crack your document.

Encryption abilities of Atlantis allow you to securely protect your private information or secrets of your company.


Now about how to work with encrypted documents in Atlantis.

You can both create a new encrypted document or encrypt any existing document.

To create a new encrypted document, choose the File | New | Encrypted Document command. This command is also available through the drop-down menu of the New document Button image toolbar button:

To encrypt an existing document (to convert it to the encrypted format), please do the following:

  1. Open this document.
  2. Choose the File | Save As... command, or click the Save document as... Button image toolbar button, or press the F12 key.
    The Save Document As... dialog would pop up.
  3. Select the Encrypted Documents (*.cod) file type, and click Save:

After this Atlantis will ask you a password which you want to use to open this document in future. Choosing a good password is the only thing you need to secure encryption in Atlantis. If you choose the name of your son, your wife will probably find it quickly. If you choose your company's name or your boss's first name, any employee of the company might find it. No birthdate, no short name as a password. A good password is like this - a phrase that you will keep in mind:

The time of magicians has passed. And there probably never were any.

Taking only the first letter of each word will produce TtomhpAtpnwa as a password. You only need to memorize the phrase itself. You will be able to recreate the password easily in your mind each time you require it. It is a very secure method for passwords. Remember: the longer password - the more secure encryption.

You can use any symbols for your passwords: punctuation signs, spaces, digits, the letters from different language alphabets.


  • If you wish to reencrypt an existing encrypted document with another password, open this document, choose the File | Save As... command, or click the Save document as... Button image toolbar button, or press F12. Atlantis would ask for a new password for this document.
  • You can specify the "Encrypted Document" format as the Default format for new documents (Atlantis uses this format to create new documents through the File | New | Document command). In this way you could quickly create new encrypted documents by pressing Ctrl+N.
    To change the Default format for new documents, choose the File | New | Formats & Templates... menu command.