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In Atlantis you can compose a list of your favorite documents which you need to access for viewing or editing most frequently. If a document is on your Favorites list, you can open it in Atlantis in a few mouse clicks.

You can add documents to your Favorites in two ways:

  • Open the desired document in Atlantis in traditional way (through the File | Open... dialog), then choose the File | Favorites | Add to Favorites menu command, or click the corresponding toolbar button. A link to the active document would be added to your Favorites.
  • Choose the File | Favorites | Organize Favorites... menu command, click the Add Documents... button, then select a document (or multiple documents) which you want to add to Favorites. For selecting multiple documents, hold the Ctrl key, then click the desired documents. The links to the selected document(s) would be added to your Favorites.

Note: Atlantis does not copy your favorite documents to any special folder. Atlantis stores only links to your favorite documents (the filenames of your favorite documents).

You can store your Favorites as a simple list. But you could also have a hierarchic structure of your Favorites. You could store your Favorites in multiple categories (folders) according to the contents of these documents. For example, you could have a separate Favorites folder containing your personal document, or a folder with some documentation, or a folder with documents intended for some person, etc.

All your Favorite documents are listed under the File | Favorites. You can click any of them for immediate opening in Atlantis.

For deleting documents from Favorites, or adjusting the structure of your Favorites, choose the File | Favorites | Organize Favorites... menu command.


  • You can quickly access your Favorite documents through the drop-down menu of the Add to Favorites Button image toolbar button.
  • When you have a document project open in Atlantis, and choose the Add to Favorites command, you have a choice to add the active document or the current document project to Favorites.