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The contents of another document can be inserted in the active document. Choose Insert | File..., then select one or multiple documents to insert.
The "Colors" settings
The 'Colors' settings

You can normally access this dialog by choosing the "Tools | Options..." menu The main menu or simply menu is a horizontal bar with clickable commands anchored to the top of the main window of Atlantis:

Main menu
command or clicking the Change settings Button image button of the Help toolbar The 'Help' toolbar .

Use the "Colors" tab of the Options dialog to customize the colors used by Atlantis to display various components of the document window.

You can choose a predefined set of colors (a color scheme) from the Color Scheme box.

You can also add your own color schemes to the Color Scheme box. For this, click Save As... to save the current colors as a new color scheme.
To delete a custom color scheme, select it in the Color Scheme box, then click Delete.

The Items box lists the components of the document window with their current colors.

To change the color of the currently selected item, click the Color box. This box offers regular colors (black, white, red, etc) plus the special System Color. When the System Color is selected for an item, Atlantis uses its internal algorithms to obtain actual color for this item.

When the Optimize onscreen contrast of text colors option is on, Atlantis might adjust document text colors to make them as easily recognizable on the current non-white page background as they were on white background. For example, blue hyperlinks are easily recognizable on white page background but are completely invisible on blue background. If this option is on, Atlantis will use another color for hyperlinks to make them visible on the current page background.

Note. This option doesn't affect text colors of printed documents but onscreen colors only.

When this option is off, all text colors appear on screen "as is" even if some of them are completely invisible on the current page background.

"Save to File..." and "Load from File..."

Click the Save to File... button to save all the current Atlantis settings to an external INI file. To load the saved settings from such an INI file, click the Load from File... button.

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