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The "View" settings
The 'View' settings

You can normally access this dialog by choosing the "Tools | Options..." menu The main menu or simply menu is a horizontal bar with clickable commands anchored to the top of the main window of Atlantis:

Main menu
command or clicking the Change settings Button image button of the Help toolbar The 'Help' toolbar .

Special symbols

Use these options to specify which special symbols should be displayed by Atlantis when the View | Special Symbols mode is on.

"Full Screen" mode hides

Check the boxes to specify which components of the Atlantis GUI should be hidden under the Full Screen mode.

Field shading

Fields can be displayed on the screen monitor with or without shading. A shaded field looks in this way:

Field shading

You can choose one of three possible options:

  • Never - fields always look like ordinary text (i.e. without shading).
  • When the "Special Symbols" mode is on - Atlantis displays fields with shading only when the View | Special Symbols mode is on.
  • Always - fields are always shaded except under the Print Preview mode.

Picture placeholders

When this option is on, Atlantis displays an empty box (a placeholder) in place of each graphic in your document:

Picture placeholders

Checking this option increases the speed at which you can scroll through and display a document that contains many graphics.

"Save to File..." and "Load from File..."

Click the Save to File... button to save all the current Atlantis settings to an external INI file. To load the saved settings from such an INI file, click the Load from File... button.

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