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"General" settings
The 'General' settings

Create a new document at startup

When this option is on, a new document gets automatically created every time you launch Atlantis.

Always show templates window

When this option is on, Atlantis performs the File | New | Create From Template... menu command every time you press the Ctrl+N keys, or click the New document Button image toolbar button, or choose the File | New | Document menu command.

When this option is off, Atlantis always creates a new document using the document template associated with the Default format for new documents (by default, the Normal template is used).

Continuous numeration

When this option is off, the first newly created document in this Atlantis session will be always named "Doc01".

When this option is on, the name of the first newly created document will include the ordinary number of the last newly created document in the previous Atlantis session plus one. For example, let's suppose that you created 5 new documents within a previous session, and Atlantis assigned the "Doc05" name to the last created document. If you close Atlantis, then launch it again, the first newly created document will be named "Doc06".

Show full paths

When this option is on, Atlantis displays full filenames (including file paths) in various window captions and menus. For example:

C:\Documents and Settings\John\My Documents\Doc01.rtf

When this option is off, Atlantis displays short filenames (without drive letters and folder names). For example:


Update fields on print

When this option is on, Atlantis automatically updates all the fields in the active document every time you activate the Print Preview mode or print this document.

Favorite Fonts

As you know, you never use all of your installed fonts. Even then all installed fonts are routinely displayed in the various font lists. The Favorite Fonts options give you the opportunity to display only those fonts in the list that you actually intend to use.

You can create a list of your Favorite Fonts by pressing the My Favorite Fonts... button. A dialog pops up, where you can pull down the list of all your installed fonts and specify which are your favorite.

When the Use My Favorite Fonts only box is checked, the Font toolbar combo box and the font list in the Font Format dialog will include only your favorite fonts. Note that checking this box in no way will affect the formatting of your existing documents. Also even when this box is checked, you can still specify any font through the Font toolbar combo box and the corresponding edit box in the Font Format dialog by typing the desired font name.

When the Use My Favorite Fonts only box is unchecked, the Font toolbar combo box and the font list in the Font Format dialog will naturally include all the fonts installed on your system. If you have previously specified a list of your favorite fonts, these will be displayed at the top of the font list, making it easier to select any of them.

Number of items in the histories

This option holds the maximum number of items that Atlantis can store in various history lists (recent documents, recent folders, recent pictures, Clipboard History, etc).

Font Sizes

Click this button to edit the list of font sizes offered through the Font size toolbar combo box and the font size list in the Font Format dialog of Atlantis.

Measurement system

Atlantis can use different units to display measurements in the Rulers, Status Bar, and within various dialogs.

Atlantis supports the following measurement units: inches, centimeters, picas, points, and millimeters.

1 inch = 2.54 cm = 6 picas = 72 points = 25.4 mm.

Optional Messages

Some of the Atlantis message dialogs include a Do not ask again check box:

The 'Do not ask again' box

If you always click the same button (Yes, No, Ignore, etc) in such a dialog, you might want Atlantis not to display that dialog again and always assume that you clicked a specific button. For example, when a document has been modified and Atlantis pops up the above dialog, you might want the changes to be always saved without confirmation and accordingly not to be shown this type of message again. By checking the Do not ask again box and pressing the Yes button, you will disable the display of such messages and make saving documents without confirmation the default behavior of Atlantis.

You can also disable or re-enable such message dialogs from a specific dialog by clicking the Optional Messages... button. In that dialog, you can check or uncheck boxes depending on whether you want to enable or disable the corresponding message dialog, and use the bottom left drop-down list to record your default answer to the highlighted message.

User name

Any document created in Atlantis (except plain text documents) includes information about the document's author. The File | Properties... and Tools | Word Count... dialogs of Atlantis report the name of the author of the active document.

Use the User name box to specify the "author's name" that should be included in documents created by you.

Formats & Templates...

Click this button to specify the default templates for the document formats supported by Atlantis, or to change the Default format for new documents.

Address Books...

Click this button to make changes to your Address Books.

"Save to File..." and "Load from File..."

Click the Save to File... button to save all the current Atlantis settings to an external INI file. To load the saved settings from such an INI file, click the Load from File... button.

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