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Inserting accents and other characters not directly available from the keyboard can be a breeze if you put appropriate entries in the Atlantis AutoCorrect dialog. Click here for details...
The "Accessibility" settings
The 'Accessibility' settings

You can access this dialog by choosing the "Tools | Options..." menu The main menu or simply menu is a horizontal bar with clickable commands anchored to the top of the main window of Atlantis:

Main menu
command or clicking the Change settings Button image button of the Help toolbar The 'Help' toolbar .

Size of text and controls

Use this option to increase the size of text and controls of the entire Atlantis GUI for better readability.

Render document text using

Choose the preferred method for onscreen rendering of document text:

GDI with default antialiasing

The system default font edge smoothing (antialiasing) method.

GDI without antialiasing

This is the fastest rendering method with sharp display. Intercharacter spacing is not always perfect:

GDI without antialiasing

GDI with ClearType antialiasing

This is usually the system default text rendering method. Fast enough, but the display is a little blurry. Intercharacter spacing is not always perfect:

GDI with ClearType antialiasing

DirectWrite with grayscale antialiasing

Thanks to the subpixel positioning of characters, intercharacter spacing is nearly always perfect which is most noticeable under smaller font sizes or zooming factors. Antialiasing uses the shades of the font color. Display is the blurriest of all, and slower than the GDI methods:

DirectWrite with grayscale antialiasing

DirectWrite with ClearType antialiasing

Similar to "DirectWrite with grayscale antialiasing" but the display is lighter and less blurry:

DirectWrite with ClearType antialiasing

Both DirectWrite rendering methods are available under Windows 7 (with the Platform Update) and higher versions of Windows.

Show keyboard accelerators

Specify when Atlantis should display the keyboard accelerators in various dialogs and menus:

Keyboard accelerators
Keyboard accelerators

Keyboard accelerators allow to perform various actions (selecting visual controls or choosing menu items) without the mouse. Using keyboard accelerators can improve your productivity.

The "System" option means the appearance of the accelerators is controlled by the operating system. Usually this means that the accelerators are displayed when you access a dialog or menu using the keyboard, or when you press the Alt key in a dialog.

Text Cursor Options...

Allows to choose the width and color of the text cursors used in the document window of Atlantis. You can also enable additional indicators to improve visibility of text cursors.

Italic cursors and mouse pointers

When this option is checked, the text cursors and mouse pointers display in italic when they are within an italic text in the document window of Atlantis:

Italic cursors

"Save to File..." and "Load from File..."

Click the Save to File... button to save all the current Atlantis settings to an external INI file. To load the saved settings from such an INI file, click the Load from File... button.

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