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Ctrl+] grows the font size of a selection by one point.
Column blocks

In Atlantis you can select not only text fragments enclosed between two caret positions in your documents (a classical selection). You can also select so called column blocks.

A column block is a fragment of the document enclosed within a rectangular area:

Column block

To select a column block, hold down the Alt key and select the desired portion of your document with the mouse. After that you could apply different commands to a selected column block (print the selection, place it onto the clipboard, format it with a different font face or style, or color, etc). So in this sense column blocks work as ordinary selection.

But a key difference between a classical selection and a column block is how column blocks are pasted from the clipboard. When you copy a classical selection to the clipboard, then paste it to some location in your document, all the clipboard contents is inserted to the specified location as a whole. But column blocks are pasted from the clipboard differently. Let's suppose that you selected a column block from the above screen capture, and placed it onto the clipboard. Now let's paste the clipboard contents before the first character in our document:

Column block

Now if you press the CtrlV key or click the Button image toolbar button, the clipboard contents would not be pasted to the current caret position as a whole. Every line of a column block would be pasted separately into a corresponding line from the target document:

Column block


  • If you have a column of numbers in your document, you can select them as a column block, then press the Alt= keys or click the Calculate Button image toolbar button to place the sum of the selected numbers onto the clipboard.

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