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Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow reduces inter-character spacing within a selection (compresses text).
Fast navigation

With a long document or a set of multiple documents, you will often need to switch between document locations many times within the same Atlantis session. You might need to make synchronous changes in multiple locations, copy contents from one document location to other locations, etc.

Using the Fast navigation tool of Atlantis, you can mark important locations of the currently open documents, then switch among those locations with a simple keyboard shortcut.

To mark the current location in the active document (the location at the blinking cursor) as a numbered target for fast navigation, start by giving a quick triple press to the Ctrl key. This will bring up the "Fast Navigation" window:

The 'Fast Navigation' window

You can then press the desired digit key directly on your main keyboard, or click the corresponding yellow button in the "Fast Navigation" dialog. Atlantis will memorize the current location as a numbered target for fast navigation and close the "Fast Navigation" dialog.

Switching to a marked location from another location in the same document or from another open document is done by combining a press on the Ctrl key with a hit on the digit associated with the targeted location. For example, if you associate a document location with the number 3, switching to that location is done by pressing Ctrl3.

Digits that are already associated with document locations for fast navigation, are displayed in the "Fast Navigation" window in blue. You can hover the mouse over them to reveal their associated document locations:

The 'Fast Navigation' window

Note that the targeted document location does not need to be the insertion cursor. It can be a selection (a simple text fragment, a table column, a multiple selection, etc).

If you mark a document selection for fast navigation, pressing the corresponding Ctrl<digit> shortcut at a later time will automatically restore that selection. Let's take an example. Let's suppose that your document contains a table, and you want to insert one of the table's columns into other tables of this or another document:

Table column

Here are the steps:

  1. Select the column in the source table:

    Selected table column
  2. Give a triple press to the Ctrl key to open the "Fast Navigation" window, and associate the current selection with, let's say, the digit 3.
  3. You can then start working at another location of this document or another document. Whenever you need to insert that table column, press Ctrl3. Atlantis will automatically select the source table column.
  4. Press CtrlC to copy the selection to the clipboard.
  5. To switch back to the location where you were before pressing Ctrl3, press F5.
  6. You can then paste the copied table column with CtrlV.

Note that the Fast navigation tool is available only when the "Fast navigation" option is checked on the "Edit" tab of the "Tools | Options…" dialog.