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You might have chosen to hide the Atlantis main menu under the Full Screen mode. But you can still access this same menu if you ride the mouse against the top edge of the screen and click. Click here for details...

When a portion of a document or an entire document is formatted in columns, the text flows continuously from the bottom of one column to the top of the next column:

Newspaper columns

You can specify the number of columns you want, adjust their width, and add vertical lines between columns.

Every document section can have its own columns settings (can be differently formatted in columns).

Column settings can easily be changed for a section, or a group of sections.

If you wish to change column settings for a single section, simply place the cursor inside the section (click).

If you wish to change column settings for multiple sections, select the desired sections completely or partially.

To format a portion of a document which is not already a separate section into columns, you need to select that fragment of document first before applying any column formatting.

To format the entire document into columns, press CtrlA to select the whole document first.

Atlantis offers you multiple ways for applying new column settings:

The first and most flexible way is to click the Columns toolbar button Button image, or choose the Format | Columns... menu The main menu or simply menu is a horizontal bar with clickable commands anchored to the top of the main window of Atlantis:

Main menu
command. Then use the Columns dialog to customize any of the columns characteristics.

The alternative way to format your document into columns is through the drop-down menu of the Columns toolbar button Button image. Again, prepare your document first (either select the appropriate text fragment, or click in the desired section), then use the drop-down menu below to apply the desired predefined formatting:

Newspaper columns

If the desired text fragment is already formatted in columns, you can use the horizontal ruler to adjust columns widths or spacing.

First, either click in the desired section, or select it.

You can then drag the column markers / resizers to achieve the desired formatting:

Newspaper columns

If your columns do not have equal width (the Equal column width box from the Columns dialog is unchecked), you can use the column central markers to resize columns:

Newspaper columns

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