Atlantis Nova

Welcome to the home page of Atlantis Nova, the basic version of Atlantis Word Processor.

Atlantis Nova has all the tools you might need to design simple formatted documents - letters, resumes, memos, etc. Beyond the traditional word processing commands, you are provided with a whole array of innovative functions. A dual set of toolbar commands for each of the 3 toolbars, a Document Bar with name-tabs for quick and easy access to any open document, a Easy Hand "grabbing" mode to navigate effortlessly through any document, a "Hide All" mode for maximum working space, a "Magnifying Glass" tool for instant high/low magnification, a graphic-type Format Brush to copy/paste font format, a Clippy Bank to store notes, etc, etc.

Atlantis Nova is very fast, compact, and has a very small memory footprint. But above all, it is completely free. You can install Atlantis Nova on your PC, and use it free of charge!

To install Atlantis Nova on your PC, please download and launch the following file:

Setup of Atlantis Nova (version (size: 643 KB)

Note that the full version of Atlantis Word Processor has vastly enhanced characteristics and tons of extra features in comparison with Atlantis Nova.

You can download the full version of Atlantis Word Processor for free right now!

The full version of Atlantis Word Processor has many innovative and unique features that make word processing easier and more effective.

Click here for the Quick Tour through the features of the full version of Atlantis.

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