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Clipboard is a special Windows data storage used to transfer data between documents or applications. Any application can place data (text, pictures, etc) onto the clipboard, and retrieve the clipboard data.

The following clipboard-related commands are available in Atlantis:


This command places a copy of the selected text onto the clipboard. The selected text is copied to the clipboard along with its current formatting.

To copy a fragment of a document to the clipboard, select this fragment, and click the Copy Button image toolbar button, or press Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Ins, or choose the Edit | Copy menu command.


This command inserts the current clipboard contents to the active document.

In Atlantis the clipboard contents can be pasted (inserted) in two ways:

  1. Paste with formatting

    The clipboard contents is inserted "as is", with all the formatting available on the clipboard.

    For example, if you have placed an italic text onto the clipboard, pasting with formatting would insert italic text to your document.

    To paste with formatting, click the Paste Button image toolbar button, or press Ctrl+V or Shift+Ins, or choose the Edit | Paste menu command.
  2. Paste without formatting (or Paste as plain text, or Paste as environment)

    Only pure plain text from the clipboard is inserted to the document. Atlantis automatically formats the pasted text with the current document formatting.

    To paste without formatting, press Ctrl+Alt+Ins.
    Alternatively, choose "Plain Text" or "Plain UNICODE Text" from the list of clipboard formats in the Edit | Paste Special... dialog:
    Paste as plain text

Additional paste options are available in tables. Click here for details.


This command is similar to the Copy command with one difference: after copying the selection to the clipboard, the Cut command deletes the selected document fragment (i.e. cuts the selection to the clipboard).

To cut a document fragment to the clipboard, select this fragment, and click the Cut Button image toolbar button, or press Ctrl+X or Shift+Del, or choose the Edit | Cut menu command.


  • When the Clipboard History option is on (Tools | Options... > Edit), any information that goes to the clipboard, is collected by Atlantis under the drop-down menu of the Paste Button image toolbar button:
    Clipboard history
    You can click any of the collected items in this menu to insert the corresponding clip to the active document.
    The Clipboard History is cleared on program close.
  • If you right-click a document or graphic filename in Windows Explorer and choose "Copy" from the pop-up menu, you can subsequently paste the contents of the file into Atlantis.
  • You can replace multiple fragments of document with the same text or graphic available on the clipboard. Here are the steps:
    1. Copy the replacement text or graphic to the clipboard.
    2. Select the fragments of target document that you want to replace. Note that the target fragments have to be selected as a multiple selection.
    3. Paste the clipboard contents as usual (Ctrl+V or the Paste Button image toolbar button).

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