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You can quickly enlarge or reduce the left indent of a selection of paragraphs. Press the Ctrl+M keys or the Ctrl+Shift+M keys respectively.
The "Index" dialog
The 'Index' dialog

This dialog is displayed when you create a new or modify an existing index.

Each item of an indented index displays on its own line (as a separate paragraph). Items of a certain level normally display with their specific indentation:

Indented index

If the Right-align page numbers box is unchecked, page numbers immediately follow index items, as shown on the illustration above. Otherwise page numbers are right-aligned using tab characters:

Right-aligned page numbers

You can choose a leader for tab characters from the Tab leader box.

In a run-in index, items of level 2 (and higher) appear continuously within the paragraph of their parent level-1 item, and are separated by semicolons:

Run-in index

The run-in type is normally used for indexes that contain items of 2 levels.

With the Columns box, you can apply the newspaper column formatting to the index. On the illustration below, the index is formatted in 2 columns:

Two-column index

You can specify the number of columns from 1 to 4. In this case, the index would be generated as a separate document section with the corresponding newspaper column formatting.

If you specify "Auto" in the "Columns" box, the index would not create new sections in the document, and the index would display with the current section formatting.

Note that the column formatting is not available when inserting index to a table cell.

Use the Language box to specify the language of the index. This info is used for sorting index items correspondingly.

When the Index headings box is checked, the groups of index items that share same first letter, are preceded with an "index heading" - a paragraph containing the first letter of the following index items:

Index headings

Each index heading is associated with the "Index Heading" style. After generating an index, you can change the formatting of the "Index Heading" style through the "Format | Style..." menu The main menu or simply menu is a horizontal bar with clickable commands anchored to the top of the main window of Atlantis:

Main menu
command or the Styles panel of the Control Board.

When the Index headings box is unchecked, index items display continuously without any separation between groups of items that share same first letter:

No index headings

When creating multiple indexes in the document, you can specify which index entries should be included in this particular index. If you want only the index entries labeled with a specific identifier to be included in this index, specify the corresponding identifier within the Identifier box. If you choose an existing bookmark from the Bookmark box, the index would be built for the portion of the document marked by the specified bookmark. For more information on creating multiple indexes, please click here.

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