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You can quickly cut a document selection to the Atlantis Clippy Bank by pressing the Shift+Alt+F8 keys. Clipped items are kept in safe storage for later use.
Press the F8 key to view your Atlantis Clippy Bank.
Typing text

Text entry modes

In Atlantis, there are two text entry modes:

  • The Insert mode. In this mode, Atlantis inserts all characters you type at the cursor position. With each new insertion, Atlantis pushes over characters to the right of the cursor to make room for the new character.
  • The Overwrite mode. When this mode is on, typing new characters replaces any existing characters to the right of the cursor.

To switch back and forth between the Insert and Overwrite modes, press the Ins key.

Information about the current text entry mode is reported throught the corresponding section of the status bar.

Overtyping selection

When there is selected text in the document, typing automatically replaces the selection.

Atlantis also supports a multiple overtype mode allowing to overtype multiple selected fragments simultaneously. If you make a multiple selection, as shown on the illustration below:

Multiple selection

and start typing, the new text (in our case "Mars") would replace each of the items of the multiple selection:

Overtyping multiple selection

The multiple overtype mode is especially useful for populating table cells. If you select multiple table cells, like shown below:

Multiple selected cells

and start typing, the new text (in our case, "100%") would be automatically inserted to each of the selected cells:

Populating multiple cells

To terminate the multiple overtype mode, click anywhere in the document or press Esc.

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