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When the current paragraph is formatted with bullets, you can start a new paragraph not formatted with bullets if you place the cursor at the end of the current paragraph, and press Enter twice.
Drag & Drop

With Drag & Drop you can move fragments of text between different locations of a document, between documents in Atlantis, and even between Atlantis and other word processing applications. Just select a text fragment that you want to move, grab it with the mouse, and drag to the required location.

If you want to duplicate the selected text (to insert its copy to another location), hold the Ctrl key pressed while dragging.

Note. Moving or duplicating text in Atlantis with Drag & Drop is possible when the Drag & Drop option is checked in the Tools | Options... > Edit dialog.

You can also use Drag & Drop to open documents in Atlantis and insert files to the active document.

So if you want to open a document in Atlantis with Drag & Drop, grab a document file (or multiple selected files) with the mouse in your file manager (normally in Windows Explorer), drag them to the Atlanis main window, and drop onto the Atlantis status bar, document bar, toolbars Toolbars are a collection of graphic icons and other visual controls that can be used to perform various commands in Atlantis:


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, or main menu The main menu or simply menu is a horizontal bar with clickable commands anchored to the top of the main window of Atlantis:

Main menu

If you want to insert documents or graphic files to a document in Atlantis, grab a document file or a graphic file or multiple selected files with the mouse in your file manager, drag them to Atlanis, and drop to the desired location in a document.


  • When you drag anything over the document bar of Atlantis, you can place the mouse pointer over a document button without releasing the mouse button for about a second. This will activate the corresponding document window and you can then drag the item into the document window.