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The "Edit Folder History List" dialog
The 'Edit Folder History List' dialog

This dialog can be used to edit the folder history lists found in the Open Document or Save Document As dialogs:

Folder History

By default, Atlantis automatically adds items to these history lists each time you open or save documents in new folders.

But you can click the Add... button in this dialog to manually add a folder to the list.

Conversely, you can press the Remove button to take the highlighted folder off the list.

However, note that Atlantis will no longer automatically add items to this list if you toggle the Locked option on in this dialog.

This option will be particularly useful to those of you who use a small number of favorite folders. You can add your favorite folders to these lists, then lock the Atlantis folder history feature. After that, the Folders boxes in these dialogs will only display the locked list of your favorite folders.

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