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Compatibility information

Atlantis has a high level of compatibility with modern word processing standards and specifications. Atlantis is also designed to be maximally compatible with the modern word processing software from other companies.

However there are differences which should be taken into account if compatibility of your Atlantis documents with other word processing software is important.

The major differences are listed below:

  1. By default, Atlantis generates so called "supercompact" RTF files. These files are proper RTF documents generated according to the Microsoft Rich Text Format Specification. Consequently they are properly recognized by the latest versions of the major word processors available on the market. But some word processing software (especially older products) do not completely support such "supercompact" RTF documents. Those software might be unable to recognize pictures and paragraph end marks contained by "supercompat" RTFs. If software compatibility is your main concern, you might consider disabling the "Save supercompact RTF documents" option in Atlantis (the "Tools | Options... > Load / Save"). This would lead to larger document files generated by Atlantis but they would be properly recognized by a larger number of word processing software.
  2. There is an important difference regarding bulleted & numbered lists between Atlantis and other word processors. In Atlantis, style-controlled list formatting (sometimes referred to as "style numbering" in other word processors) cannot be changed through direct list formatting (see Bulleted and Numbered Lists. The Fundamentals for more details on this issue). If you open in Atlantis a document created in another word processor, Atlantis might display the document bullets and numbering differently than they are displayed in the source word processor. This might happen if this document includes paragraphs belonging to style-controlled lists but also formatted through direct list formatting.
  3. You can configure footnotes and endnotes in Atlantis to work differently from one document section to the other. However only a few word processors support section-specific settings for footnotes/endnotes. If you create a document with footnotes/endnotes configured differently in each section, and you open it in another word processor than Atlantis (including older versions of MS Word), its footnotes/endnotes might display wrongly (reference marks might use wrong numbering, or the notes themselves might appear at a wrong location).

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