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You can quickly split a selection of paragraphs. Simply press the Ctrl+Shift+K, U keys. A paragraph end mark is placed at the end of each line of text.
"Spellcheckers & Dictionaries" dialog

You can use this dialog to customize the installed spellcheckers.

The Spellcheckers box lists the installed spellcheckers.

Click Uninstall... to completely remove the spellchecker selected in the Spellcheckers box from Atlantis. All the files belonging to that spellchecker would be permanently removed from your disk.

All custom editable dictionaries of the selected spellchecker are listed by the User dictionaries box:

User dictionaries

Click Add... to add a new custom dictionary to the selected spellchecker. Through this button you can add your MS Word user dictionary, or any other plain text file containing a wordlist (a plain text file whose each line contains a single word). For this, click the Add... button, and locate the desired plain text files on your hard disk.

Click Remove to remove the selected custom dictionary from the selected spellchecker.

Click New... to create a new empty custom dictionary and automatically add it to the selected spellchecker.

Click Edit... if you want to add new words to the selected dictionary, or remove words from it.

The Main dictionaries box lists the uneditable dictionaries of the selected spellchecker.

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