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You can quickly sort a selection of paragraphs in ascending alphabetical order by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+K, A keys. To sort in descending alphabetical order, press the Ctrl+Shift+K, Z keys. When Atlantis sorts paragraphs, it automatically detects and selects duplicate items. When duplicate items are selected, they are easily deleted by pressing Del.
"Paragraph Format" dialog

You can normally access this dialog by pressing CtrlShiftG, or choosing the "Format | Paragraph..." menu The main menu or simply menu is a horizontal bar with clickable commands anchored to the top of the main window of Atlantis:

Main menu
command, or clicking the Paragraph format Button image button of the Paragraph toolbar The 'Paragraph' toolbar .

Each item of this dialog represents a separate characteristic of a paragraph format.

Click the Default... button if you want the paragraph format displayed by this dialog, to become the default paragraph format in Atlantis. The Default... button saves the paragraph format displayed by this dialog, to your default document template. This template is used by Atlantis for creating new documents.

Click Copy to place the paragraph format displayed by this dialog, onto the Paragraph Format Clipboard.

Click Paste to retrieve contents of the Paragraph Format Clipboard.